Feedback exchange is a critical part of professional development. Whether you manage a team of 2 people or 20 people, you must facilitate feedback sharing. 

Large companies have entire teams dedicated to running a formal “review process” that involves feedback collection and sharing. But for small teams, such a process may be too time-intensive and unnecessarily bureaucratic. In addition, limiting feedback exchange to an annual occurrence fails to capitalize on the review process as a learning opportunity and even an alternative form of compensation. We all deserve feedback; it helps us perform better and ultimately succeed in our careers.

Some of the most productive teams I have come across utilize a more simple and actionable approach to feedback exchange. Steffen Landauer, now the Director of Leadership Development at Hewlett Packard, taught me a particularly novel approach in which he encourages leaders to send an email to each person on their team – as well as key clients – requesting a few feedback points for each of their colleagues under the headings START, STOP, CONTINUE.  Via 99u