When you’re using a Facebook page to build your brand, be sure not to make any of these egregious mistakes. Have you ever seen the Condescending Corporate Brand Page? If not, check it out right now.


It’s hard to be a brand on Facebook. After all, Facebook is primarily a place for connecting with your close (and not-so-close) friends. While that’s happening, companies are furiously competing to get into your News Feed and get you to “engage” with them. And they’re not necessarily wrong to do that. Every day, people are having conversations with brands and 50 percent of people say they trust a company’s Facebook page more than its website. Facebook pages from brands can offer a lot of deals, information, or relationships with employees. But when competing in a crowded marketplace, brands tend to adopt certain personas that can make a consumer’s skin crawl.

Five brand personas your company should not emulate-Link via Inc.com