For Google’s Japan office, Tokyo-based Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) recently completed an additional phase, according to Dezeen. The office located in Roppongi Hills tower, central Tokyo, was given elements that reflect traditional Japanese culture-from fabric patterns and anime, to festivals and bathhouses.

Google Japan Office

These details include: giant brushes (similar to those in automatic carwashes) that clad the walls of a kitchen, a digital koi pond at the entrance of the building to greet people, perforated concrete block walls (like those found on in Tokyo’s residential lanes) of meeting rooms, a Mount Fuji mural painting, and a (sento) traditional bathhouse-themed floor with white ceramic tiles and wooden stools.

To assist in way-finding, floors of Google Japan were each given a distinct character, zones were assigned specific, and landmarks were placed at various positions to help staff and visitors identify their locations.

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